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Welcome to Christine Graham Consultancy


I am a specialist in community safety - particularly domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour.  I offer a range of services:

  • A free weekly bulletin - to keep you up to date with the latest news and publications

  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (Independent Chair and Overview Report Writer)

  • Briefings – summarising documents and strategies

  • Training – Equipping practitioners to make a difference

  • Expert case advice (anti-social behaviour)

Please contact me on

#not just another

I am so proud to be part of this campaign.  

We can reliably predict that a hundred women who are alive today will be dead one year from the moment you read this – as a result of male violence. We just don’t know their names yet.

These are the killings we know about, but what about the domestic abuse-related sudden deaths that we don’t identify or record as homicides, and the deaths where victims have been pushed to suicide through relentless abuse and stalking that we don’t count?

The #NotJustAnother campaign makes two simple requests:

  1. That we count all sudden unexpected domestic abuse related deaths

  2. That we investigate all sudden unexpected domestic abuse related deaths

These requests are crucial, we cannot respond effectively to this issue unless we understand the scale and the nature of the problem.



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