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Domestic Homicide Reviews 


A Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) is carried out to:

  • Establish what lessons are to be learned from the domestic homicide regarding the way in which local professionals and organisations work individually and together to safeguard victims

  • Identify clearly what those lessons are both within and between agencies, how and within what timescales they will be acted on, and what is expected to change as a result

  • Apply these lessons to service responses including changes to policies and procedures as appropriate

  • Prevent domestic violence homicide and improve service responses for all domestic violence victims and their children through improved intra and inter-agency working


Independent Chair and Report Author 

Working together, Christine Graham and Gary Goose will undertake a Domestic Homicide Review investigation.  Gary will act as Independent Chair and the report will be written by Christine Graham.  They will work together to carry out the interviews and investigation needed.  We believe that this approach enhances a review as we bring different skills and experience and are able to challenge each other along the way.   This approach also provides greater resilience for the client. 

Other DHRs undertaken

Gary and Christine have completed, or are currently engaged upon, a significant number of domestic homicide reviews.  Previous domestic homicide reviews have included a variety of different scenarios including male victims, suicide, murder/suicide, familial domestic homicide, a number which involve mental ill health on the part of the offender and/or victim and reviews involving foreign nationals.  In several reviews they have developed good working relationships with parallel investigations/inquiries such as those undertaken by the IOPC, NHS England and Adult Care Reviews.  This work with other agencies has allowed us Gary and Christine to develop a good understanding of the review and disciplinary regimes of participating agencies. . 


‘The Panel found this to be an open and transparent report.  The report also demonstrated a genuine sympathy to the family and attempts to be even handed in its approach to both victim and perpetrator’

Extract from feedback from Home Office


'The Panel concluded this is a good report in which there is a good understanding of domestic abuse, particularly around risk factors.  The Panel also commended the breadth and expertise of panel members.'

Extract from feedback from Home Office


'The Panel concluded this is a well written, sympathetic report which has carefully analysed the information that emerged.  The quality of the review has been enhanced with the engagement of family, friends and wider social networks.  The Panel particularly commended the close collaboration between this review and the one undertaken by NHS England.'

Extract from feedback from Home Office


'Thanks for all the work that you and Gary have done that has got us to a point where you have managed to distil a complex review into a readable and well-ordered report'

Feedback from panel member


'Really impressed with the comprehensive approach and attention to detail which has involved all parties (and the speed in which it has been completed!)'

Feedback from panel member


'I wanted to say how much I have ‘enjoyed’ your refreshing approach to DHRs and how both you and Gary have carried out this review in such a person centred, gentle and yet, focused way, I have really felt that the voice of the family and an understanding of what life was like for that victim and their family has been heard throughout what you have achieved.'

Feedback from panel member


A fixed price is charged for undertaking a Domestic Homicide Review.  Depending on the location, travel and other expenses may be charged.  You will be very clear when you commission us if applies. 



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