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How To .... Closure Powers 

This guide includes:


  • Introduction

  • Closure Notices and Closure Orders

  • Closure Notices - The Test

  • Closure Notices - The Contents

  • Consulation

  • The Requirement to Inform

  • Duration of the Closure Notice

  • Serving the Closure Notice

  • Cancellation and Variation of Closures Notices

  • Appeal

  • Breach of Closure Notice

  • Power to make Closure Orders

  • Closure Orders - The Test

  • What behaviour might a Closure Order tackle?

  • Closure Order - The Contents

  • Temporary Order

  • Extension and Discharge of Closure Orders

  • Appeals

  • Enforcement

  • Breach of Closure Order

  • Reimbursement of costs

  • Compensation

The guide includes the information provided as part of training programme to answer the questions that you might have.



The guide costs £50 + VAT which includes 30 minutes consultation (either on email or phone)


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