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Using Anti-Social Behaviour Tools to Support Victims of Domestic Abuse 

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced a number of new tools to support and protect victims of anti-social behaviour.   If we think more laterally these tools can also be used effectively to support and protect victims of domestic abuse.

This half day course will explore using Civil Injunctions and Criminal Behaviour Orders alongside Domestic Violence Prevention Orders.  The session begins with a short introduction to domestic abuse to ensure we all start from the same place.  

The session provides lots of opportunity for questions and discussion. 


Excellent course, clear explanation of the orders and facilitation of discussion - Melvin Hartley, Eastleigh Borough Council 

A really well run course that introduced how tools can be used.  Good introduction to this complex area.  Very interactive.  The course time was about right.  Thank you. 

Very informative, clear 'description' of the use of various orders 

Lots of information to take away and share with the team and resources to use with the family support - Isabel Hawkins, Lakeside Children's Centre 










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