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How To .... New Psychoactive Substances 

This guide is intended to provide a basic understanding of the topic for those who may have a passing interest or involvement as part of their role.  This is not intended to be an expert guide.  This guide draws on a variety of published material on the topic and sources are referenced throughout the document.  The guide covers:


  • What are psychoactive substances?

  • Where do people get psychoactive substances from?

  • What do we know about those who use new psychoactive substances?

  • Health harms of new psychoactive substances 

  • The impact on our communities 

  • Tackling new psychoactive substances

  • The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

  • Useful documents and links 

The guide costs £50 + VAT which includes 30 minutes consultation (either on email or phone)


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