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Bitesize workshops

All delegates will now receive a copy of the relevant 'How to' Guide

This series of 1 ½ hour workshop sessions is delivered on Microsoft Teams.  Each session will cover a different aspect of using the anti-social behaviour tools and powers in the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014.  The sessions will cover:

Session 1     Civil Injunctions

Session 2     Criminal Behaviour Orders (particular focus on CPS)

Session 3     Community Protection Notices

Session 4     Public Spaces Protection Orders

Session 4     Civil Injunction, CBO, CPN or PSPO – which tool is best in which situation?

Please note that this section will not cover each of the tools but will draw on previous sessions to discuss the pros and cons of each tool in different situations 

Session 5     Closure Powers

Each session lasts one and a half hours

For added flexibility you can book for one or more sessions.  Each will be a stand-alone session but please note that that session 3 will not cover the detail of the actual tools.



One session         £50 + VAT

Two sessions        £90 + VAT

Three sessions     £130 + VAT

Four sessions       £175 + VAT

Five sessions        £210 + VAT 

Six sessions          £240 + VAT

I am now able to accept payment by credit card or procurement card

Please get in touch for more information 

Those who have already attended said:


Christine is extremely knowledgeable and helpful on all subjects.  I have learned a lot from her during all the sessions I have attended.  Her case studies are very appropriate and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any of her training sessions.

Sarah Kemp, Rushmoor Borough Council 

The numbers on the course was right as able to ask questions and have a discussion. Participants can bring knowledge and examples which is always good. Pace good and timeframe in a busy day can find the time for this whereas even  half day is difficult at the moment.

Julia Stack, Harrogate Borough Council


Really informative, used good examples and kept it interesting

Caroline Anamoah, Hart District Council


This session was very informative, and has given me lots of ideas as to where these powers can be used as options for problem areas

Charlotte Dervish, London Borough of Havering


Christine’s delivery is well paced, informative and accessible. The examples provided really help with understanding. We had plenty of time for discussion and questions.  

Melody Ismail, Rutland County Council


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