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Partnership Healthcheck

Why a Partnership Healthcheck 

Partnerships are subject to competing demands and operate in complex local networks on behalf of diverse and sometimes vulnerable communities which means it can be hard for those involved in their work to find the time and space to stand back and consider their effectiveness objectively.  We would bring an informed and experienced approach to reviewing the partnership, and a positive focus on how to build on its strengths.


A partnership healthcheck can help you to ensure that:

  • You are fulfilling all the statutory requirements

  • You are making the most of scarce resources by streamlining activities across the responsible authorities and sharing information, funding and people effectively.


If you have a particular area of concern the healthcheck can be tailored to include, or focus on, this area. 




What would a Partnership Healthcheck involve?

Much will depend on what you want - a comprehensive partnership healthcheck looking at the partnership's activity across the board would entail scrutiny of partnership documentation, several days (varying according to the size of the partnership) of interviews with a representative selection of partnership members and at least one focus group with practitioners.  We would then produce a detailed diagnostic report with recommendations which would be presented to the partnership. 


Targeted scrutiny of a specific area of partnership activity woudl be more likely to entail a desk-top review of the processes, and interviews with a small number of relevant partnership members. 



It is 15 years since the Crime and Disorder Act created Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) and gave them specific statutory responsibility for, broadly, reducing crime and disorder in their area.  The legislation has evolved over time, as has the landscape in which CSPs operate, most notably with the arrival of Police and Crime Commissioners in 2012.


The list of statutory requirements and responsible authorities for CSPs has grown since 1998 and austerity means that partnerships are operating under far greater constraints than when they were first created.  For this reason, the need for partnerships to streamline their activities and pool their resources is greater than ever.



Christine Graham Consultancy undertook a Partnership Healthcheck on behalf of the Kestevens Community Safety Partnership and the consultancy provided clear and accurate guidance on the aims and objectives of our community safety work and a series of recommendations which were recognised as key to strengthening our partnership processes.  All the partners feel that they have been fully engaged and listened to throughout the process and I would not hesitate to recommend the service provided by the consultancy.  (This is an extract from the testimonial which can be provided in full)

Philip Roberts 

Corporate Director 
North Kesteven District Council 


To discuss the needs of your partnership contact Christine Graham 

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