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Understanding Mental Health

Dealing with cases in which mental health plays a part, either for the victim or the perpetrator is one of the greatest challenges for anti-social behaviour practitioners.

The course will feature:

  • Setting the scene

  • Vulnerable victims and perpetrators of ASB

  • Introduction to mental health

    • Psychosis

    • Anxiety including generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and compulsive hoarding 

    • Depression

    • Schizophrenia

    • Bipolar disorder

    • Personality disorders

    • Dual diagnosis 

    • Suicide

  • Mental health legislation

  • Mental health treatment

  • Exchanging information with health and social care

  • Sharing information without consent

  • Mental Capacity Act 2005

  • Equality Act 2010


The course, using discussion and case studies, will ensure that you are better equipped to achieve positive outcomes for individuals and communities


Very informative and I will use in my cases 

Good course - Peter Kittle, Essex Police 

A very useful and much needed training with practical tips for everyday use 

Good and useful training 

Really enjoyed the content of the course and will find this very helpful going forward - Kerrry O'Prey, Thurrock Council 


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