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Partnership Healthcheck 

Partnerships are subject to competing demands and operate in complex local networks on behalf of diverse and sometimes vulnerable communities, which means it is hard for those involved in their work to find the time and space to stand back and consider their effectiveness objectively. Christine and Verity would bring an informed and experienced approach to reviewing the partnership and a positive focus on how to build on its strengths.  


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Christine Graham Consultancy undertook a Partnership Healthcheck on behalf of the Kestevens Community Safety Partnership and the consultancy provided clear and accurate guidance on the aims and objectives of our community safety work and a series of recommendations which were recognised as key to strengthening our partnership processes.  All the partners feel that they have been fully engaged and listened to throughout the process and I would not hesitate to recommend the service provided by the consultancy.  (This is an extract from the testimonial which can be provided in full)

Philip Roberts 

Corporate Director 
North Kesteven District Council


Consultancy Services

Services have included:

  • Working with partners in Lincolnshire to develop a county-wide protocol for the use of the new ASB tools and powers introduced as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014

  • Working with Leadership Team at Cambridgeshire Probation to prepare for the changes they would face following the election of the first Police and Crime Commissioner

  • Working with senior managers at Fylde District Council to adopt an Anti-Social Behaviour Policy and Procedures

  • Facilitating on behalf of East Cambridgeshire Community Safety Partnership the development of the Community Eyes and Ears scheme


'Knowledgeable and well-informed'  David Fleming, Blackburn Council


'Approachable and helpful in a practical manner'  


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